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  • Wordlist Wizard 1.0

    wordlist Wizard is a wordlist manipulation tool that lets you do the following with just a few clicks(or keystrokes): Remove duplicate words in a wordlist Sort a wordlist Alphanumerically in ascending or descending
  • Gurus GRE Wordlist 0.3

    The quality audio assisted pronunciation and memorizing mechanism is delivered to you by Gurus GRE wordlist software because it includes Microsoft Corporation's Speech Synthesizer. It helps you in remembering tough words
  • Word Finder Pro 1.0.1

    DBNS Word Finder Pro is a program designed to search for matching words that complies with certain criteria. Word Finder Pro can be used with Scrabble, Crosswords and Countdown games. WFP has many features to search for
  • fofr 1.0.6

    fofr is an easy-to-use english to czech and czech to english translator. czech is the language spoken in the czech Republic. Indeed, the program is very easy to use: you have to write the word or sentence you would like
  • WoMan 3.1.0

    The handy software utility WoMan makes sorting of wordlist very easy because; it is using fastest QuickSort Algorithm. It can also be used for removing duplicates as well as for words counting converting wordlist and
  • JLearnItME 2.2

    JLearnItME is a multilingual translator for mobile phones. Features: * 15 languages: english, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Russian, Latin and
  • LingvoSoft Dictionary 2009 English <-> Czech 4.1.29

    LingvoSoft Dictionary 2007 english to czech for Windows is part of LingvoSoft Suite. It is a complete language learning and management solution for your PC. Once installed on your desktop or laptop PC this remarkable
  • InetBlocker 1.0 RC4

    InetBlocker - tool (application) for schools using ISA Server 2004/2006 for simple managing access to Internet. Current release is in czech and english
  • Perapera-kun: Chinese Popup Translator 2.1.1

    Visit for complete description and latest news and feedback. Here are the new feature added due to user request: * wordlist SideBar: Press ???S??? while displaying an entry to save it to
  • United States English Dictionary 3.0.3

    This extension packages a subset of the original english wordlist created by Kevin Atkinson for Pspell and Aspell and thus is covered by his original LGPL license. The affix file is a heavily modified version of the
  • Anagram Solver 1.0.1

    Anagram Solver is an application that helps the user to decrypt any anagram. All you have to do is specify a wordlist and an anagram, and the program will search the wordlist and find all possible matches. The package
  • colorless day 1.0

    Everything faded into grey. Everyone continues their lives without the ability to change them. And the sun cannot break trough clouds with its light... colorles day is made of three short stories: in silence, last dance
  • Excel Convert Files From English To Czech and Czech To English Software 7.0

    Convert MS Excel files from english to czech and vice
  • Quick Dictionary 1.0.2

    Translates words to or from english. Many languages. Easy to use. Translate unknown words right in the PaGE you are browsing in the convenient popup. References to usage examples, web definitions and related phrases.
  • Pronunciation Patterns Network 5.0

    Pronunciation Patterns is an easy-to-use and understand, and a result-oriented software that has been designed to help non-native english speakers in learning english in a grammatically and technically correct manner.
  • Czech dictionary pack 2.0

    The handy extension czech dictionary pack is specifically designed for embedding czech hyphenation, thesaurus and spell-check
  • LangBox English to Hindi Document Translator 1.4.8

    The Windows vista compatible ProLingo english czech Dictionary includes all the slang words.
  • Czech-English Dictionary 1.0

    czech-english (Cesko-Anglicky) Dictionary. 128878 entries with Phonetic transcriptions. Recommended for devices with expansion
  • EnableRightClick 1.7.6

    /Chinese, czech, Dutch, english, Polish, Romanian/Enables the right click menu on sites that block it. Bypasses a few more restrictions as
  • Marcion 1.2.0

    Coptic - english/czech dictionary related to Crum's coptic dictionary, written in C++, based on MySQL, with Qt GUI. Contains many coptic Texts, grammars, greek texts, Liddel-Scott greek-english Lexicon, and others. Can
  • Marcion for Linux 1.2.0

    Coptic - english/czech dictionary related to Crum's coptic dictionary, written in C++, based on MySQL, with Qt GUI. Contains many coptic Texts, grammars, greek texts, Liddel-Scott greek-english Lexicon, and others. Can
  • Earn Calculator 1.2

    I programmed calculator for simply calculate money, which can you earn. It's localized in english and czech language, so problem with understand shouldn't be exist. I'll programme new version in future, which it has
  • Czech PenReader

    czech PenReader is bilingual Desktop handwriting recognition software which enables handwriting text input by using pen tablet or mouse in full screen mode. It makes the work with your computer more comfortable and
  • Star Shooter III 1.0

    2D shooting game. Created using OpenGL. It runs on Linux and Windows. Manual in english, czech and German language is included with the
  • National Flags Quiz for Android 1.0

    This is a simple national flags quiz. How many questions can you answer? There are two mode of 'within 60 sec' and 'no time limit'. This application is supported 24 languages as follows. Catalan, Chinese (Traditional
  • Dictionary Application

    Learning a second language is always a good thing since it opens many opportunities for knowing new people and places, and even to advance at work. This little utility helps you to do so. It includes the Cambridge
  • ExactWord 5.1.5

    ExactWord (formerly YTSEditor) is a full featured rich text word processor and text editor designed to give you exactly what you need. Rich Text Formatting gives you all the control of word processing formats such as
  • SP Init 1.1

    This application is developed by SEA spol. s r. o. This application will let you to control easily GSM RELE 3 from PC via USB port. It is a free application and it has a pretty easy to use interface. This software is
  • Windows Live Calendar Gadget Beta

    Windows Live Calendar Gadget Betais regarded as a helpful and convenient to use tool that will be a calendar desktop gadget primary developed for Windows 7. The purpose will be to display (only) events from public
  • CMD Calculator

    Command-line calculator with many features: - Syntax and error highlighting - Text representation of numbers (english, French, czech) and Greek numerals - Modes for angles (Radians, Gradians, Cycles and Degrees) - Chart