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  • Advanced Access To RTF Table Converter 1.7

    Advanced access To RTF table Converter is a database client utility that allows execution of SQL (Structured Query Language) statements on Microsoft access databases. Resultsets returned by select queries are
  • AutoCAD Access - AutoDatabase 2.5

    The handy software program AutoCAD access makes working together with access database very easy. Its major features are as follow: it is capable of importing access database into AutoCAD as AutoCAD native table; you can
  • School Focus 1.2

    To give easy access to every school related subject. This program can organize your school time-table and give the best possible overview of homework, lessons, teachers, schoolmates, homepages etc.... School Focus is
  • Advanced Access To PDF Table Converter 1.4

    Advanced access To PDF table Converter is a database client utility that allows execution of SQL (Structured Query Language) statements on Microsoft access databases. Resultsets returned by select statements are
  • DataEase-To-Access Table Migration 1.2

    This is a demonstration version of our exclusive DataEase to access table Migration Utility, which is a component of our AMU service. The TMU reads table definitions stored in your DataEase 5 or better database and
  • Access Pro Table Compare 2.1.1

    access Pro will expertly analyze table fields, data types and properties, primary keys and indexes of access tables. Whether you need to analyze one table or 100 tables, access Pro will examine the 2 database (.mdb)
  • Table Templates Manager for Word 1.3

    You have no need to create a table again and again because 'table Templates Manager for Word' allows you to use your created table in any word documents at any time it will remain same as it was before or at the time
  • Access Pro 2.1.0

    Correct database structure is essential to proper operation of Microsoft access database applications. A single missing field or incorrect data type can cause an MS access database to error out or break down, often
  • MyNoSQL 1.0

    access to MySQL databases without SQL Simply logon to the MySQL-Server and choose the table. All data of the table can be changed, deleted or inserted at once without any knowledge of SQL! Local and remote access is
  • Quick Recovery for MS Access 1.0

    Quick Recovery for MS access Database Recovery is designed to repair corrupt MS access databases (.mdb). MS access Database Recovery is an advance mdb file repair software tool that repair corrupt mdb databases and
  • GraphicalAccess 2.4

    Which form uses which table or query as source data? Graphicalaccess shows you simply and clearly, what's contained in your access database, and where it gets its information from. Dataminers, accountants, technicians,
  • Table Record Maintenance 3.6

    table Record Maintenance is a freeware MS access module that contains a re-usable utility subroutine as an example to help developers with table record updates. The subroutine "ng_tableRecordMaintenance" can be used as
  • Export Table to SQL for Access 1.06.42

    Export table to SQL script for Microsoft access helps the user or DBA to save table's data as a set of INSERT SQL statements and optional CREATE table statement. Predefined or custom separators like ';' and a few export
  • SourceBin Linker 1.0

    Linker is a simple-to-use ActiveX control that manages and ensures the integrity of Microsoft accessTM table links. It tests the table links upon database launch and if necessary allows several different options to
  • Excel Import Multiple Access Tables 7.0

    You can use handy software application Excel Import Multiple access tables for easily sending MS access tables to a blank file of MS Excel. It transfer data without changing format such as it brings field names of the
  • MS Access Import Multiple CSV Files Software 7.0

    This software offers a solution for users who want to load one or more CSV files into an MS access database. Based on the content of the CSV files, you can create an entirely new table or append records to an existing
  • Advanced Access To HTML Table Converter 1.4

    Advanced access To HTML table Converter is a database client utility that allows execution of SQL (Structured Query Language) statements on Microsoft access databases. Resultsets returned by select queries are
  • SQL Table Audit 1.0.6

    SQL table Audit is a comprehensive data auditing solution for SQL server. Its simple and easy to use interface makes auditing data in a table easy. It has powerful filter and Drill down features mean that you can
  • Export Table to Text for Access 1.06.42

    Export table for Microsoft access helps to save table's data to text file. The program supports delimited or fixed length formats. Export utility has easy to learn and to use wizard interface. All modern versions of the
  • MS Access File Recovery 2.0

    MS access File Recovery software recover access database files and restore access file instantly. Quickly get back corrupt access database files once again while using PDS MS access File Recovery software. Advance MDB
  • Access-To-Excel Tool 1.00

    Control Excel from MS access now easier than ever before. How do you export an access table or query to an Excel spreadsheet? How do you import data from Excel to access? How do you create an Excel chart with access? Do
  • Access Grader 11.09

    An automated grader for MS access assignments access GRADER is an automated grader for use by instructors in Microsoft access and Microsoft Office application courses. access GRADER compares a correct version of a
  • HappyBee! 1.0.0

    HappyBee! is puzzle/logic game. In the playing window there are two tables. Each table has 20 fields. Top table is controlled and the problem to solve is on it. You can''t move figures on this table. Bottom table is a
  • Table Smart Editor 1.0

    TSE - Free .Net Database Editor for access, SQL Server / Web Site CMS Smart table Editor is a powerful database editor for free designed to work in with IIS. Supports Microsoft access 2003/2007 and Microsoft
  • Repair Access Database Software 2.0

    Perfect Data Solutions launched MS access Repair Software which helps to repair access database from corrupted or damaged MS access database file. Best Repair access Database Software is excellent access database
  • MPEG TS Utils 2.0

    MPEG TS Utils application provides the user with a visual representation of the multiplexed stream structure of MPEG-2 Transport Streams (ISO/IEC 13818-1) and DVB Streams (ETSI EN 300 468). The application allows the
  • Migrate MS Access To MySQL

    Microsoft access to MySQL database migration application is a cost effective and time saving utility for converting large volume record of MS access into MySQL server. MS access to MySQL converter supports all windows
  • Data Access Studio 5.4

    Data access Studio??? is specifically designed to work with OneWorld??. This means that Data access Studio??? seamlessly integrates into the OneWorld?? system by leveraging OneWorld. You need Data access Studio??? if you
  • Visual SQLTools 2010 Professional 12.2.2

    Visual SQLTools 2012 Pro - is a professional database and SQL development tool, based on the .NET Framework and .NET Data Provider technology development, which lasted ten years carefully crafted, Support for
  • Export Table to Excel for Access 1.06.42

    Export table for Microsoft access helps to save table's data to Excel spreadsheet. The program has easy to use wizard interface. All modern versions of Microsoft access and all versions of Microsoft Excel are supported.