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  • MS Access Split Fields and MS Access Spit Database Entries 9.0

    MS Access Split Fields and MS Access Spit Database Entries Do you work with a number of different Microsoft Access databases, and would like something
  • MS Access Edit MDB Files Without Access Installed Software 7.0

    This software allows you to create and edit MS Access MDB files without having Access installed. It does not support MS Access ACCDB files and only
  • MS Access Copy Tables to Another Access Database Software 7.0

    Copy tables from one Access database to
  • Access 2007 Download: Access Runtime 2

    The Microsoft Office Access 2007 Runtime enables you to distribute Access 2007 applications to users who do not have the full version of Access 2007
  • MS Access Move to Another Access Databas 7.0

    MS Access MOVE to Another Access Database Software can Transfer tables from one Access database to
  • Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery - MS Access Recovery Software 4.0

    Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery Software, a secure and easy to use application is designed to repair damaged, corrupted Microsoft Access (.mdb) files
  • FRP-Analysis 1.0

    The aim of this software is to assist the user in calculating the FRP dimensions required to provide:flexural strengthening incl. bond check,shear
  • Analysis -

    Application supply tools to create and plot on chart. Features: *Ploting data on chart *Loading data from diffrent sources *Saving chart to
  • What If Analysis -

    The What-If Model will allow a team the ability to model the potential financial Impact of a variety of initiatives upon a company???s financial
  • XML for Analysis SDK 1.1

    The Microsoft XML for Analysis 1.1 SDK contains the Microsoft?? XML for Analysis provider and sample client applications. The Microsoft XML for
  • MB DNA Analysis 6.84

    MB was developed to be a free Windows DNA Analysis program. You can easily analyze huge DNA sequences and create vector or linear DNA maps. NOTE: -
  • Analysis Lotto 3.8

    Which seems like the better bet to you: Pick 6 lotto numbers from 50 possibilities ... or pick 6 numbers from only FIFTEEN? Let Analysis Lotto show
  • Dreamscape Analysis 2.2.0

    Let Dreamscape Analysis help you understand yourself better and make wiser decisions. With a virtually infinite number of dream interpretations, you
  • NMath Analysis 2.0

    NMath Analysis optimization library for the .NET platform contains classes for minimizing univariate and multivariate functions, simulated
  • Analysis Studio 6.30.3546.16859

    Analysis Studio provides the researcher a fast reliable way to create and manage Data Mining projects and includes automated methods for gaining a
  • Analysis Center 2010

    This sophisticated piece of software turns your computer into a modern, State-of-The-Art spectrum analyzer giving you features that go far beyond the
  • 2D Truss Analysis 2.0

    The inclusive 2D Truss Analysis software has a lot of features. Its major features are it has unlimited Nodes and Bars as well as supports boundary
  • AutoFEM Analysis 1.4

    AutoFEM Analysis is a system of finite-element analysis. The main feature of the system is its deep integration with AutoCAD Using AutoFEM Analysis an
  • 2D Frame Analysis 2.0

    2D Frame Analysis is a tool for easy model design in a user friendly atmosphere with several graphical opportunities having a built-in collection of
  • Color Analysis 5.7

    The Importance of Color Analysis. You probably own a few outfits that always garner comment whenever you wear them. It doesn't matter how old the
  • EBay Analysis

    Compete! - Analyze your competitor's sales and sell smarterIf you are an ebay seller, you may have a lot of competitors. Have you ever noticed that
  • Earthing Analysis 2.2

    Analysis and safety criteria evaluation for any arbitrary buried earthing electrode configurations for any application.Advanced proprietary algorithm
  • ESBPDF Analysis

    ESBPDF Analysis allows you to calculate and graph both discrete and continuous probability distributions. The continuous distributions included are:
  • Seismic Analysis 6.3.37

    GeoSonics' comprehensive software to display and analyze data from Geosonics' data recorders. It features Compliance reports, Waveform plotting, FFT
  • Tiling Analysis 1.1.2

    - Option to write either CHP or BAR file. Specify option in the Export tab of the Default Properties dialog. - Added the scaling target intensity to
  • Weibull Analysis 4.8.3

    Weibull analysis is a powerful tool that can be used to classify failures and to model failure behavior. Weibull analysis involves fitting a time to
  • What-if Analysis Manager 2.0

    What-if Analysis Manager is an add-in for Microsoft Excel with which you can analyse the data in your spreadsheets, in an automatic, fast and
  • Regression analysis 2.1.0006

    This curve fitting application is useful for programming engineering applications and spread sheets for specialized analyses. Use it to transform
  • FWD Data Analysis 2.3.0

    Use deflection data to determine pavement structural capacity (use the FWD to Excel Converter below to generate the input files). The program uses
  • GPSports Analysis

    Borland C++ application for the acceptance, Analysis and reporting of GPS (positional, distance and speed) and heart rate data for sport and fitness
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  • GenePattern 3.3.3

    GenePattern is a powerful genomic analysis platform that provides access to more than 180 tools for gene expression analysis, proteomics, SNP analysis, flow cytometry, RNA-seq analysis, and common data processing tasks.
  • XML for Analysis SDK 1.1

    The Microsoft XML for analysis 1.1 SDK contains the Microsoft?? XML for analysis provider and sample client applications. The Microsoft XML for analysis provider supports client access to analytical data sources (OLAP
  • RMT WinControl 6.7

    With this program the user will have remote access and offline analysis of measurement data. Display, mathematical analysis, storage, printing and export (on-/offline) of measurement data. access to all display types and
  • MDB Artisan 2.6

    The handy MS access add-in MDB Artisan makes management and analysis of Database very easy. It has following major features: it has user friendly interface that is very easy to use; it supports capturing screen and
  • Total Access Agent Manager 12.0

    Total access Analyzer examines all your database objects to provide extensive documentation, cross-reference, and application and flow diagrams, with over 350 presentation-quality reports.Total access Analyzer performs
  • Stock Price Analysis 1.0

    Stock Price analysis provide a free web based stock price analysis module. The easy to use interface incorporates Fundamental analysis to calculate: Fair Value stock price; comparative Stock Value; profit Target sell
  • Mplus 7.0

    Mplus is a latent variable modeling program with a wide variety of analysis capabilities. The program allows you to do exploratory factor analysis, item response theory analysis, mixture modeling (latent class analysis),
  • ProcessMA 1.6

    ProcessMA is a Statistical analysis tool. It has different features like Graphical analysis, Regression, Measurement System analysis, Capability analysis, Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control, Reliability &
  • Total Access Statistics 2010 14.0

    Total access Statistics 2010 is the Most Powerful Data analysis Program for Microsoft?? access?? Microsoft access queries offer basic data analysis. For more advanced computations and real number crunching, programming
  • CDR Analyzer - Gprs Gb Analyzer 5.2

    The Gb Analyzer is the answer to all your questions about your GPRS network. It is the perfect tool for analysis of the Quality of Service, trouble shooting, reporting, traffic analysis and analysis of roaming
  • Citrix Endpoint Analysis SDK 4.5.5

    The Citrix Endpoint analysis Software Development Kit (Endpoint analysis SDK) for Advanced access Control is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 that provides instructions for developing and testing C++ and
  • Sound Ruler

    You can use this Sound Ruler tool as an analysis, graphing and teaching tool. Everyone can access and criticize it according to their requirements. Its usage enables you to bring the nest of following two worlds i.e. you
  • QueryEasy 1.0

    QueryEasy is a Microsoft access 2000 database application that can perform basic data analysis. The application also serves as an effective aid in communicating the results of data analysis and in communicating the
  • SPC XL 2.41.0280

    This add-in adds powerful yet easy-to-use statistical analysis features. From within Excel you will be able to access many statistical tools including Control Charts, Cpk analysis, Histograms, Pareto Diagrams, MSA,
  • XpoLog Center 4.4

    Xpolog Center is a log server and analysis Platform, providing end to end log management solution. Xpolog Center primary featurs include log Viewer, log Monitor, log analysis Reports, Web Server log analysis and search.
  • Visual Stats 2.0

    Statistics software for data analysis and multivariate statistical analysis. Probability analysis. Compute descriptive statistics of selected data. Frequency analysis. Compare means and variances. Variance analysis. Z
  • Access Recovery Toolbox 2.0.2

    Stop worrying if some databases of Microsoft access format get out of order and it is not possible to get another copy of affected data, you may easily fix the corruption of MDB files by applying access Recovery Toolbox.
  • NimbleScan 2.6

    NimbleScan software introduces several features designed to enhance the user experience when performing data analysis using NimbleGen microarrays. New segMNT analysis parameters have been implemented to provide end users
  • Aggregate Profiler 4.9

    Profiling: Meta Data Information Entity-Relationship Diagram Structural analysis Number analysis String analysis Supports Different formats Exchange to Text,XLS,XML file Quality: Data Correction Interface
  • EngiSSol - 2D Frame Analysis 2.0

    ENGISSOL 2D Frame analysis software package has been synonymous with state-of-the-art analysis of general and arbitrary frames and trusses in 2d space since its introduction over 8 years ago. Its user interface which is
  • NO.1 Lottery 11.2

    NO.1 Lottery software is the lottery software to play the lotto-type lottery with control. NO.1 Lottery Software have strong analysis tool, filtering tool and wheels tool to help you win the lottery. NO.1 Lottery
  • TotalLab Quant 1.0.8

    TotalLab Quant is a suite of core analysis tools for quantitative image analysis applications in the Life Sciences. TotalLab Quant contains modules for:1D electrophoresis gel and Western blot analysisArray / dot blot /
  • Access Fix Toolbox 2.0.3

    access Fix Toolbox is a Business software developed by Fix Toolbox, Inc.. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for access Fix Toolbox: Try
  • 1st Lottery System 11.1.4

    lst Lottery System is the best lottery system to play the lotto-type lottery with control.lst Lottery System have strong analysis tool, filtering tool and wheels tool to help you win the lottery. lst Lottery System is an
  • Sevana Shopping Cart Analyzer 1.2

    Sevana Shopping Cart Analyzer is a perfect tool for the so called Market Basket analysis. The analysis itself is one of the most common and useful ways for marketing analysis.
  • XLSTAT-MX 2.5

    XLSTAT-MX is a dedicated statistical software solution for Market Research analysis. It is a must have complement for XLSTAT-Pro users who deal with sensory data analysis, and use Preference Mapping, Penalty analysis or
  • XFLR5 4.17

    The handy software XFLR5 that is basically used for the analysis of airfoils, wings and planes includes Wing design analysis as well as XFoil's Direct and Inverse analysis
  • Optris PI Connect 1 8

    The real time software optris PI Connect sets benchmarks within the thermography branch and offers its users extensive recording and analysis possibilities. Main features: -No limitation in licensing -Complete remote
  • Companion for MS Analysis Services 3.13.1867

    The Companion for MS analysis Services is truly the only software of its kind, delivering a powerful set of tools for controlling your entire Microsoft analysis Services environment.With a lightweight architecture that
  • VersaBet Lottery Manager 4.0

    Lottery Manager is a complete,all-purpose tool for lottery analysis and bet creation. Features: - Can be used for any kind of lottery game. - Runs on any 32-bit version of Windows (requires an XP emulator for 64-bit). -