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  • Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access 4.2

    Microsoft sql server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for access is a tool for migrating databases from Microsoft access to sql server 2005, sql server 2008 and sql server 2008 R2. SSMA 2008 for access also supports migrating
  • DVC WHS Server 1.1

    The D-link D-ViewCam is a software add-in for Windows Home server that provides instant access to your live camera feeds and all the surveillance video already saved to your server. Compatible with the D-link Network
  • DIPLink 1.2

    DIPlink enables you to run a web server on your home PC even if your internet provider used dynamic IP numbers. It does that by periodically checking The IP address of your computer. If it changed, DIPlink will generate
  • ThGNotes

    Notes, links, Images at your fingertips, on your desktop Design your notes yourself, Fonts, Color can be set individually. In this way you will have access of your information in all programs and files. Even MS Excel
  • MDB2SQL Data Migration 2.9.85

    MDB2sql automatically converts Microsoft access database to Microsoft sql server database by restructuring all tables, relations and then transferring all data without the need to rewrite your existing code. In
  • HPV Web/Server 2010 10.7

    View and Print MS Project 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010 project information without needing Microsoft Project or other special software installed on your local PC: all software runs at the web server and Project
  • Zeiss (Trimble) Link 2.0

    The Trimble link Engine is the component that provides the Trimble link functionality in the AutoCAD Civil/Civil 3D systems and in other products such as 12d Model, LSS digital terrain modelling software, Bentley GEOPAK,
  • Trimble Link Engine 2.0.27

    The Trimble link Engine is the component that provides the Trimble link functionality in the AutoCAD Civil/Civil 3D systems and in other products such as 12d Model, LSS digital terrain modelling software, Bentley GEOPAK,
  • DocuCom PDF Server 9.10 R1

    Based on Zeon's PDF Driver technology, PDF server is an advanced, yet affordable centrally-deployed PDF Document server, suitable for organizations to handle their ever-growing PDF needs across their entire enterprise.
  • Bulk Link Popularity Analyzer 1.23

    Many search engines Factor in your web site popularity when ranking web searches. To push your site towards the top of search results, it's important to have many web sites point or link to your site. To help you
  • WTSPortal 2.2

    WTSPortal is a network tool.access to your user on the terminal server in stead of giving them access to a full desktop with WTSPortal. Your user can run a software on your terminal server with WTSPortal,so the software
  • AspireHome My Computer Link 1.0

    In ???My Computer???, you will see links for your hard drives and mapped network drives. How about a link to your Aspire EasyStore H340 Home server? To do this, you simply need to add some registry values and have an
  • ScreenCloud 1.0.1

    ScreenCloud is an easy to use screenshot tool. Take a screenshot using one of the 3 Hotkeys or simply click the ScreenCloud Tray Icon. You can choose where you want to save your screenshot. If you choose to upload
  • Uploader 2.3.1

    If you find something interested on a web PaGE what can you do? Do you use delicious to save the link of article? Or will you save the link to your bookmarks? This well-kwonw systems does not guaranteed that the
  • Mihov Link Checker 0.5

    Mihov link Checker is a program that can check multiple links on a web site or a local web page. It reports the state of easch link: a link is valid or missing, forbidden or otherwise not accessible.All the links can
  • DNKA 0.49

    DNKA - search tool for remote computer. It acts as a web server (search server) by interacting as a layer between Google Desktop Search (GDS) and user. And allow other users to search, view and download your files,
  • MyNoSQL 1.0

    access to Mysql databases without sql Simply logon to the Mysql-server and choose the table. All data of the table can be changed, deleted or inserted at once without any knowledge of sql! Local and remote access is
  • Matco PC Link 1.0.9

    Matco PC link is designed for use with Internet Explorer. The ???Unable to send data to server??? message displays if Internet Explorer is not set as your default web browser. You will need to configure Internet Explorer
  • Make Link 10.12

    Make link is an extension for Mozilla Firefox which adds a context menu item (Make link) which allows the user to easily copy links to the clipboard in HTML, forum-code or simple "text (URL)" format. It also allows the
  • Multi Uni-Uploader 3.5 Build 10022

    A desktop program to upload files to file hosters can often be more comfortable than having to use the Hoster???s website for the uploading. It does depend on the program though. Features: ?? Multi server Uploader
  • WEBLinksV Reciprocal Link Checker 1.4.10

    Reciprocal link Checker Software enables webmasters to check the full status of unlimited reciprocal links for potential problems. On each page, many useful checks are made. Check your reciprocal link status in
  • Seventh Sector Internet Tools 1.01b

    Creates your FAQ, Shop, link Base, File Base, Mailing List, Message Base, Chat Rooms and more. Visitors can ask questions, submit links, subscribe to your mailing list. All automated and in an easy to use treeview
  • Enterprise desktop 2.0.72

    The program works on the principle Browser as Thin Client. The special feature of the program - the browser absolutely solves all taks, which were supposed to be fulfilled by Thin Clients, which allows a user to work at
  • Link Partners Monitoring Software

    link partners monitoring software determines website response time, uptime, downtime on browser request. Web server performance measuring tool immediately sends alert messages to you when website responding, inaccessible
  • Fast Link Checker Lite

    Fast link Checker Lite is a free and easy to use utility that checks a site for broken links. It starts checking links from the specified URL and processes all found pages on the site until all links are checked.
  • 4TOPS Word Link for MS Access 2000 4.1

    4TOPS Word link is an add-in for MS access, which adds data from access in Word documents. You can compose simple and more complex documents, such as standard letters, invoices and reports. Open the Microsoft access form
  • info2html 2.0

    Info files are text files with embedded link directives. Usually, one uses Emacs or a special purpose browser (e.g. info or xinfo) for reading info files. Because the GNU tools are extensively documented in info large
  • ICQProxy 3.1

    This software works as a proxy-server.The simple way to use this software in the local network is to create a Forward Lookup Zone on the local DNS-server for ""You can change ICQ-server name to the address
  • Reciprocal Link Exchange Management Tool

    Backlink checker utilities providing facility to manage your website link pages automatically and reduces HTML coding. Free website links checker software use in monitoring of reciprocal link on the partner website and
  • Access SQL Server Database 4.9

    Hello friends, Using SysTools sql Recovery Software for best recovery of sql server database & inaccessible MDF files which are corrupt due to unexpected strokes & technical or non technical issues of