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  • Access to Google Docs 1.2

    This is a great shortcut to Your Google Docs. Features: 1. Show your recent documents 2. Search all your documents 3. Filter your documents 4.
  • Symtica - Access Google Apps 0.6

    Watch your emails, compoze new's, create documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, acces to all your contacts, use Google Talk, manage your google
  • Google Shortcuts - All Google Services at a glance 2.1.4

    Display all Google services as buttons or as a space-saving dropdown menu next to your address bar. Reach services like Gmail, Google Reader, Google
  • MS Access Split Fields and MS Access Spit Database Entries 9.0

    MS Access Split Fields and MS Access Spit Database Entries Do you work with a number of different Microsoft Access databases, and would like something
  • Google Dictionary and Google Translate 1.6.1

    The extension brings two functionalities to your Firefox browser: * in-line translation of words; * translation of the whole page. In-line
  • MS Access Edit MDB Files Without Access Installed Software 7.0

    This software allows you to create and edit MS Access MDB files without having Access installed. It does not support MS Access ACCDB files and only
  • MS Access Copy Tables to Another Access Database Software 7.0

    Copy tables from one Access database to
  • Access 2007 Download: Access Runtime 2

    The Microsoft Office Access 2007 Runtime enables you to distribute Access 2007 applications to users who do not have the full version of Access 2007
  • MSD Documents 2.20

    MSD Documents is a documentation manager with two main modules: * A Document manager that allows to catalog any kind of document, allowing to
  • MS Access Move to Another Access Databas 7.0

    MS Access MOVE to Another Access Database Software can Transfer tables from one Access database to
  • Visual Documents v2.3

    CodeForms Lite v4.0 is a high tech tool for all programmers that will let you design, on a WYSIWYG environment and using the drop a drag method, the
  • Franchise Documents 1.7

    Easy create Franchise Disclosure Documents and Franchise Agreement using Franchise Documents, now with a simple word editable document you will be
  • Virtual Documents 1.0

    Virtual Documents software is a document sharing and collaboration add-on that's easy to integrate into .NET applications and easy to use. Your team
  • Secure Documents 1.1

    Encrypts documents and places them into self-executable decryptor with optional zipping and emailing. Any kind of files can be added to a package.
  • Documents Multimanager 4.51

    File Access Helper is a security software to control files access.It can log and deny access to files and registry keys on PC.You
  • AttributeMagic for Documents 3.16

    Advanced utility to change date/time stamps, metadata in MS Office (DOC, XLS, PPT) documents. Utility can set and reset attributes, copy and
  • Merge PDF Documents 10.05.01

    Large sized PDF files pose issues of handling and managing large data which at times threatens you from accessing the information that you want to
  • All-Business-Documents for Mac 5.2.19

    With All-Business-Documents you create nearly any imaginable piece of effective and top-quality business paperwork in a snap. With a simple interface
  • Combine PDF Documents 10.05.01

    All those who have worked on PDF files must be knowing how cumbersome and problematic it is to handle large-sized or bulky and small-sized PDF files.
  • All-Business-Documents

    Now you ca create professional business paperwork without wasting your important time with inclusive software program All-Business-Documents. It has
  • Convert JPG to PDF documents

    Convert JPG to PDF documents Creator Create PDF from JPG is user friendly for conversion of images to PDF tool such as JPG JPEG .jpg .jpeg. JPG to PDF
  • EZ Backup My Documents Pro 6.29

    EZ Backup My Documents Pro makes it easy to backup your My Documents folder to a local drive, network folder, CD/DVD and even to a remote FTP server!
  • MSD Documents Multiuser 2.20

    MSD Documents Multiuser is a documentation manager for networks with two main modules: * A Document manager that allows to catalog any kind of
  • Converter for XPS Documents 1.0

    Converts XPS documents into image files. Converter for XPS Documents is a small but powerful tool that converts XPS (XML Paper Specification)
  • Nemo Documents 0.99.5

    Nemo is to documents what Outlook is for calendars. It's an intuitive way to manage documents to make you more productive. Nemo is to documents
  • Appending PDF Documents

    Merge Adobe PDF Files you can splitting multi-frame PDF document files. PDF Splitter fast and easy way to splitting and merging PDF files pages. PDF
  • Concatenating PDF Documents

    PDF documents splitter is used to split files by pages, you can divide the file into single pages or save every page as a new file. PDF combiner also
  • Recover My Documents 9.61

    Recover my Documents, Recover Documents, Recover my Unsaved Documents: Download documents recovery Software site.How to recover my Deleted documents,
  • Recover PDF Documents 6.27

    Recover PDF Documents and Other files (recover Word, videos, pictures and music) - with the File recovery software, Recommended by Microsoft(R)
  • Restore Documents Pro 9.61

    Restore Documents, Recover Documents, Restore Unsaved Documents: Download documents recovery Software How to restore Deleted documents, restore Word
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  • Harmony for Google Docs

    Harmony for google Docs is a free SideBar for Microsoft?? Outlook?? that eliminates the need to use e-mail attachments. The beta release transforms Microsoft Outlook into a powerful collaboration console, with
  • KumoSync 1.2.1

    KumoSync is a Windows application used to synchronize local windows and files/Folders with google documents. You can sync ANY document/file format. KumoSync will automatically track your changes in google documents
  • TrayOS 1.02.14

    TrayOS is a small but handy utility that you can use in order to connect to your google accounts more efficiently. The app is designed to make working with google's products faster and easier by utilizing similar
  • PowerGDocs 1.5.0

    PowerGDocs - A Gateway to google Docs - Presentation Transcript. It provides an easy interface from your Windows OS to google documents . It lets users easily download documents and upload files or entire Folders
  • Symtica - Access Google Apps 0.6

    Watch your emails, compoze new's, create documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, acces to all your contacts, use google Talk, manage your google contacts, get a quickly access to your Agenda, read your feeds, use igoogle
  • Busy Docs 1.1

    Busy docs is a unique software to organize documents online and offline. Its original setup and features make it one of the most innovative tools on the market. Features: *Busy docs has some unique features that can
  • Google Docs Notifier 2

    google Docs Notifier is a tool which shows all unread documents in Your google Docs. Project Description There are more and more people using google Docs to share their documents with their friends these days, and
  • gExplore 1.2.1

    gExplore lets you manage and organize your google Docs from your Windows desktop With gExplore you can: - Upload and download files with google Docs. - Encrypt files before uploading to google Docs. - Create, rename,
  • Google Data API SDK

    The google Data APIs (GData) provide a simple protocol for reading and writing data on the web. Each of the following google services provides a google data API: Base Blogger Calendar Calendar Resource Code
  • Gmail Docs Backup 1.01

    Backing up your google Docs is now fast and simple. Download your documents to a local directory or Amazon S3. You'll never have to worry about accessing documents and presentations during internet downtime.This product
  • Google Docs Anywhere 1.3.1

    access,upload or connect to google docs anywhere. Send a document from any web site to google Docs, add Link to google Docs in any input field, and access google Docs easily. Login first --Click the little TRIANGLE
  • Nocs 2.2 beta

    Nocs is a C#/Windows Forms project that utilizes the google Document List API for synchronizing text documents with google Docs. Nocs 2.2 beta Changes: - Added experimental support for both new and old style google
  • Calendar Synchronizer 0.3 Beta

    It's a free, open-source application which synchronizes your Lotus Notes calendar with Your google calendar. It's difficult to access your IBM Lotus Notes calendar from outside Lotus Notes. google has great
  • PDF Studio 6.62

    PDF Studio is an easy to use, yet powerful PDF editor for mac, Linux and Windows. PDF Studio maintains full compatibility with the PDF format and support most PDF functions. Key features are: - Create PDF documents
  • Chrome Stamina -

    Chrome Stamina speeds access to most popular google services by use magic words on address bar. Types of "staminas" (protocols) and options: * search: universal search protocol * scholar: search academic
  • OffiSync 1.0

    OffiSync Supercharges Microsoft Office, enabling users to significantly Improve the way they create, collaborate and share their documents by integrating Microsoft Office with google Docs, and google Apps. Installing
  • Access to Google Docs 1.2

    This is a great shortcut to Your google Docs. Features: 1. Show your recent documents 2. Search all your documents 3. Filter your documents 4. Create New documents 5. Open the selected document with just One
  • Google Deskbar 0.5.67 Beta

    google Deskbar enables you to search with google from any application without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. Installs easily in your Windows taskbar. Key Features: Search using google, even when your
  • gDocsBar 0.5.7

    gDocsBar is a sidebar extension for Firefox, a perfect companion for google Docs.With gDocsBar, you can drag and drop multiple files into the sidebar to upload documents.You can search and filter documents right from
  • Memeo Connect 2.1.0 R2461

    Memeo Connectâ"¢ for google Apps is a service that empowers google Docs. It allows users to upload, sync, edit and share any document on google Docs, even when you are offline. Memeo utilizes a feature called Memeo
  • Google Notebook 1.0

    Clip and collect information as you browse the web. Clip useful information.You can add clippings of text, images and links from web pages to your google Notebook without ever leaving your browser window. Organize your
  • Google Docs Backup Software 7.0

    This software offers a solution for users who want to backup google Docs from Internet storage to local storage. Simply specify your google username and password and the save location. You can backup documents,
  • Open Online PDFs and Docs in Google Docs 2.1

    Open Online PDFs and Document in google Docs allows you to open files online. Letting you open and edit your documents from anywhere. With this freeware, you will be able to open several types of documents directly in
  • gExploreFTP

    gExploreFTP provides access to google Docs through any FTP client. gExploreFTP is an app for Windows 7, Vista, and XP that lets you access your google Docs files through any FTP client software. Just install and run
  • i-project 4.19

    iPROJECT - Share documents Over the Internet,access documents directly via URL.Change-, approval- and distribution-workflows on documents,security system with access rights, approving,notify users when a document is
  • Speed Up Surfing 2.2

    Speed Up Surfing is designed to speeds up work with internet. It works simply ??? gives you very fast access, to pages. For example: google, google Translate, Wikipedia, google Images, even to your custom defined
  • 007 Google PageRank Checker 1.0

    google PageRank Checker is free software that checks google pagerank of one website or many websites. It will automatically access many google search engine datacenter to query pagerank, Embed in many google datacenter
  • Google Search 4 Wikipedia 1.0

    google Search 4 Wikipedia is a plugin which permits to have a Direct access to google research services (Maps, Images) about the topic you are consulting on Wikipedia. The extension provides direct access to google
  • MyFolder 1.0.3

    MyFolder is software that helps you instantly access your folders and documents anywhere. Organize your folders, documents and files in an online database. You can access the documents directly from any internet
  • GMDesk 1.01

    GMDesk is an application that lets you run Gmail, google Calendar, google Docs and google Maps as a stand-alone application to do all your mail handling, calendar event reading etc with. No need to open it up in a Web