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  • UBU Design Form-mail Servlet 1.0

    UBU Design form mail servlet work with any servlet supported web server. Some of its features include: Saving form results in a flat-file
  • Exchange Form Design Wizard Sample 1.0

    The Microsoft Exchange Form Design Wizard enables you to quickly create customized HTML forms based on the built-in forms included with Microsoft
  • Access Form Resizer 2.7

    Access MDB is a unique Microsoft Access database application that enables you to resize MS Access forms to fit the current screen resolution and let
  • Unlock Access MDE Design 4.0.12

    Unlock Access MDE Design unlocks MS Access MDE, ADE and ACCDE forms and reports for editing. If you have lost the original MDB/ADP/ACCDB file and need
  • Form Auto Fill (Form AutoFill) 1.2

    Form Auto Fill is developed for a wide range of users who want to symplify logon and filling forms. Whether you need to purchase online, fill
  • Form Mail: eMail Form Processor Pro 3.2

    Form Mail: eMail Form Processor Pro script is the program that will process any form on your web site. It uses simple templates to format all aspects
  • Form Designer

    There are such tools in that can help you change forms without bringing any change in assembly. It is basically a form designer and
  • Design Tools - 2D Design Student 1.20

    TechSoft created 2D Design for users who require sophisticated drawing and design features, but don???t want to spend a lifetime learning to use them.
  • MS Access Split Fields and MS Access Spit Database Entries 9.0

    MS Access Split Fields and MS Access Spit Database Entries Do you work with a number of different Microsoft Access databases, and would like something
  • MS Access Edit MDB Files Without Access Installed Software 7.0

    This software allows you to create and edit MS Access MDB files without having Access installed. It does not support MS Access ACCDB files and only
  • MS Access Copy Tables to Another Access Database Software 7.0

    Copy tables from one Access database to
  • Access 2007 Download: Access Runtime 2

    The Microsoft Office Access 2007 Runtime enables you to distribute Access 2007 applications to users who do not have the full version of Access 2007
  • Form Auto Filler (Form Filler) 1.2

    Form Auto Filler (Form AutoFiller) is free form filling software for Internet Explorer (form filler freeware). Form Auto Filler is free fill web
  • MS Access Move to Another Access Databas 7.0

    MS Access MOVE to Another Access Database Software can Transfer tables from one Access database to
  • Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery - MS Access Recovery Software 4.0

    Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery Software, a secure and easy to use application is designed to repair damaged, corrupted Microsoft Access (.mdb) files
  • Form 3.1

    Form manager. An easy way to build and configure a form on flash without any actionscript knowledge. Perfect to create a contact to form or a send
  • PI-Form 1.0.0

    Designed as a menu system that was simple to configure and very simple to use. Built around the menu bar technology that is found in Microsoft.s
  • Form XP -

    Form XP lets developers build XP-like GUI for their
  • X-Form 8.0

    Digidesign X-Form represents the pinnacle of time compression/expansion and pitch-shifting technology. Available for all Pro Tools and Avid DNA
  • Form Pilot Pro 2.47

    Form Pilot Pro is basic From Pilot software for filling out paper and electronic forms on your computer instead of using a typewriter.Filling out
  • Aspose.Pdf.Form 1.2

    Aspose.Pdf.Form is a .Net Pdf document reporting component which allows developers to read all the fields of the pdf documents, including its name and
  • DC Form Translator 3.71

    Form Translator is the only program that gives you multi-language functionality without rewriting your code or redesigning the entire form. Developed
  • DC Form Flipper 1.01

    Form Flipper is the perfect program for those who write multi-language applications. This COM-based software adjusts your form's alignment and
  • php form wizard 1.2.5

    PHP Form Wizard is a powerful tool that creates a PHP script to process any web form, it makes all necessary validation, to check that your visitor
  • Form Designer.Net 1.0

    Use Form Designer.Net to deliver a complete runtime form designer application with minimal coding effort. Form Designer.Net allows resizing and
  • Form Maker Pro 4.0

    Easy for understanding software, that helps numerous of webmasters, website owners and other people create HTML forms. Form Maker Pro allows
  • Web Form Toolbox 1.6

    Web Form Toolbox is an Internet business tool, which is valuable to individuals, small businesses, corporations and organizations that need to
  • Form Designer for VB 1.0

    Greatis Form Designer VB - Runtime Form Designer for Microsoft Visual Basic.Form Designer VB enables you move and resize any control on your
  • Form Designer 3.83

    Greatis Form Designer - Runtime Form Designer.An extremely convenient component for moving and resizing any control on your form at runtime.
  • Form Designer .NET 2.2

    Form Designer .NET enables you move and resize any control on your .NET application form at runtime.Now Friendly License is available. This type of
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  • InForm Designer

    Inform designer is an intuitive Windows?? application that will enable you to design professional paper forms, e-forms and Web forms in minutes. No longer do you have to purchase and learn multiple form design
  • iFORM Designer

    If you have ever designed a form for print or electronic publication, you will already know how challenging and time-consuming the process can be. Complicated software controls and concepts, screen to print
  • MS Access Scheduler Template 4.0

    An MS access Scheduler Database Template You have to develop a Microsoft access Database that runs resources (Doctor, customers, equipments ...) and manage a schedule... ? Heres the tool for you ! A Microsoft access
  • Easy Survey 1.3.3

    Creating and conducting surveys can be challenging if you do not have the right piece of software. So if you would like to have an easy time while you come up with great output, the tool you should use is Easy Survey.
  • Selector for MS Access 97 97.3.6

    SELECTOR is a configurable, multi-purpose record / value selection form that can be used in your Microsoft access application to select a record prior to opening a form, or return a value for insertion into a text or
  • QR Designer

    Quickly design forms with QR designer! Everyone that relies on feedback from employees or web site visitors can use QRforms. QRforms is an excellent tool to gather information from customers or colleagues. Use it
  • FormSafe for Access 1.3

    Field level form security in MS access formSafe for Microsoft access provides a simple yet powerful utility to dynamically decide what fields and buttons on a form need to be hidden, disabled, or obscured, all at the
  • FSTransparent ActiveX Control 1.0.1

    FSTransparent a ocx that allows you to render a form transparent when the control is placed on the form A Visual Basic OCX that lets you render a form transparent. With transparent forms, you can produce a variety of
  • Fill-In Design Express 3.2.2

    In a world where everything is possible, you need rules and a standard to strive for and accomplish a profile of your company. Fill-In is a versatile tool, (the spider in the web) - wherever you are in the
  • Form Mailer PHP 2.6.2

    form Mailer. Easy to use, flexible, written with PHP. Easily sent email messages using php mail() functions.Just design
  • Liquid Clock screensaver 2.3

    The sixty seconds form a very precious minute. The sixty minutes form even more preciuos hour. The 24 hours form the invaluable day. Original face. Postmodern design. Accurate Time. Ultra Positive Colors. Relaxing
  • GeForms 1.8

    Geforms is software that can be used for creating a variety of personalized office stationeries and forms. The program provides sophisticated form design tools, which allow you to create forms from scratch or enhance
  • Exchange Form Design Wizard Sample 1.0

    The Microsoft Exchange form design Wizard enables you to quickly create customized HTML forms based on the built-in forms included with Microsoft Outlook Web access. You can change the form layout and formatting using
  • Access Answers 3.0

    Answers for access is a Microsoft access database with sample functions and usable code examples. Select a function from the menu to see it in action, then open the example in design view to see How It Works. You
  • Selector for MS Access 2002 2002.3.1

    MS access 2002 utility record selection form SELECTOR is a configurable, multi-purpose record / value selection form that can be used in your Microsoft access application to select a record prior to opening a form, or
  • Selector for MS Access 2000 2000.3.1

    MS access 2000 utility record selection form SELECTOR is a configurable, multi-purpose record / value selection form that can be used in your Microsoft access application to select a record prior to opening a form, or
  • LetterMerger for MS Access 2.5

    Merge letter template with data in MS access LetterMerger is an add-in for Microsoft access that allows you to merge your data with letter templates that your users can create and modify. Intended as an alternative to
  • DBEXform Easy 3.4.2

    DBEXform has been focused to make database application development and use as easy and quick as using word processor or spreadsheet without losing power of traditional tools. This is based on notice that usually forms
  • FreeForm Form Builder 1.0

    Based on .Net+Silverlight+DataBase+WCF,Freeform contain a Dynamic form designer system(forms Builder). Contains the Web form designer (with run-time validator,formula generator),with WorkFlow interface, running form
  • Forms Creation Program 1.0

    Omniform Premium 5.0 is an awarding-winning electronic forms solution that converts a blank paper form into a fully editable electronic form that can be filled out on screen, stored, printed, and electronically
  • Access MDE Compiler 1.4

    Now you have no need to get worried if you're MDB, ACCDB or ADP source file is corrupted or misplaced because the handy software program access MDE Compiler is here for you. You cannot use it for unlocking design of MS
  • EzData 3.5

    EzData? form editor enables you to quickly generate almost any form. forms are completely compatible with our automatic scanning and character recognition engines. This provides users with a fast, accurate, and
  • EControl Form Designer Pro 2.10

    EControl form designer Pro is a professional form designer that takes much after its Delphi counterpart and enables users to easily integrate fully-functional design environments into their applications. You may edit
  • MS Access Customer Template 1.1

    You have to develop a Microsoft access Database that runs customers, suppliers, products, inventories, invoices, orders ... ? Here’s the tool for you ! A Microsoft access Database Template designed to save you time
  • Miraplacid Form Lite 2.0

    Miraplacid form is for filling out and printing scanned forms or formsin read-only documents. Package includes Miraplacid form designer andMiraplacid form Viewer. Scan a form, load it to Miraplacid form designer,add
  • Form Designer for VB 1.0

    Greatis form designer VB - Runtime form designer for Microsoft Visual Basic.form designer VB enables you move and resize any control on your Microsoft Visual Basic form at runtime. You need not prepare your form to use
  • AFXForm English Version 2.2

    With AFXform you’ll do a one time form design –which is even faster if you got a Scanner– where the form’s blanks will be matched to a text box in the screen. After this, the designed form file is stored in the
  • 4TOPS Access to Word Mail Merge XP/03 5.0

    Adds data from the access database in Word. 4TOPS Word Link is an add-in for Microsoft access (both mdb and adp), which adds data from Microsoft access in Word documents. You can compose simple and more complex
  • Civil Designer 2011

    Civil designer consists of a suite of powerful design modules that seamlessly interact with the advanced digital terrain modeling program and industrial strength CAD engine that form the heart of the software. The eight
  • CoolLayout.NET 1.0.1

    CoolLayout.NET is design time enabled .NET component which helps to create professional forms with no coding efforts. With CoolLayout.NET developer can specify number of sizing and positioning settings for each form