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  • Bible Jig Saw bib281 1

    Jig saw bible puzzle THE bible IS NOT A JIGSAW PUZZLE: A New Approach to the New Testament. by Frank Viola. We have been taught to approach the bible like a jigsaw puzzle. bible Jigsaw Puzzles. bible Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Palm Bible+ 3.3.31 Beta

    Palm bible+ was developed in 2003 out of an exension to the original bible Reader by Poetry Poon and has since become one of the most famous pieces of software for users of Palm, Sony, GSL, and Handspring branded Palm
  • Kids NetLinks Bible Browser 2.0

    Fully Functional Web Browser with bible Old and New Testament links along with links to bible concordances, dictionaries, and other top bible resources for easy access. * Now with Flash
  • DesktopBible 1.0

    Desktop bible is a window based application developed using C#.NET. It is use to display a bible verse randomly during the startup of your system. It is an interactive and visually stunning desktop bible you can use to
  • Bible Jig Saw bib280 1

    Jig saw bible puzzle bible Jigsaw Puzzle. Online bible games and puzzles. Puzzle bible Use the mouse to move the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in place. Parables Of The bible Jigsaw Puzzle at Uncle's Games. This is a
  • Webster Dictionary With You 1.40

    The handy Webster Dictionary With You supports more than 25 bible translations as well as Cross References, Commentaries, bible Notes, bible Images, and Strong\'s Lexicons. It requires Palm bible Software for
  • Bible Link 1.3.1

    bible Link is a Widget a computerized bible that references the NAB translation. bible link can lookup bible passages as well as lookup daily readings. It can also search the entire text of The
  • KJV Interactive Holy Bible Study: 2nd Edition

    Reading The Holy bible is a great application to have, whether you're reading The bible frequently or you're just considering what the bible says and teaches. There???re helpful tools to help you understand The Meaning
  • My Holy Bible Search

    My Holy bible Search is a great application to have if you like to lookup words and meaning from King James Version. It is for both frequent studiers and those who are just beginning to consider what The bible says and
  • Cornerstone Bible 7.2

    Cornerstone bible has 15 versions and 3 Commentaires KJV - NKJV - AMP - ASV - DBY - The Message - NKJV - LIV - RSV - CEV - Webster's bible - NCV - Young's bible - Spanish - French One Year bible, TNIV Matthew Henry's
  • Tyndale Bible Dictionary / Palm 4.17

    Dictionary Features: Over 1,000 informative articles on every bible topic imaginable - from the Aaron to the Wilderness of Zin. Work of 139 prominent bible scholars Compatible with PDA DEPReader dictionary software
  • BiblePlayer for iPod 1.1

    Read and hear the bible on your iPod Take God?s Word to Go! Do you need to have a daily dose of bible scriptures? Or maybe you need a bible reading plan? Now you can read and listen to the King James version of the
  • SwordSearcher

    SwordSearcher is such a powerful bible study application featuring numerous resources and unique features which is useful for effective bible study. Includes several commentaries, dictionaries, maps,
  • Digital Bible Concordance 1.3

    You can use the Digital bible Concordance 1.3 provided tools for browsing as well as searching, viewing, and copying each word in the English bible immediately. It contains lists of bible scripture verses as well as
  • Logos Bible Widget 2.3

    Look up any bible Verse on your Mac instantly! Simply type or cut and paste any scripture reference into the Logos bible Widget and instantly see the entire verse. Easier than grabbing your bible off the shelf, faster
  • Audio Plus Bible Study 14.0

    Audio Plus bible Study 14.0 is a free bible Software which is designed for those students of the bible who need the most powerful tools and references. Major Features: Free CD: This is the full professional CD, no
  • BiblePlus 1.0

    bible Plus an "outstanding achievement in transferring the King James bible to electronic media." A lightning Fast Search engine powers the system. Easy to use. Create notes about any chapter. Great for quick and easy
  • Scriptures 2.3.1

    Scriptures is a Widget that allows you to access The bible via the bible Gateway web
  • My Study Bible 2.0

    GNI is proud to announce the release of My Study bible 2.0. The newest version of our award winning personal bible Study software. Study bible 2.0 contains 7 bible translation, complete commentaries, bible study tips
  • Bible Memorize and Bible Word Search 1.0

    bible Memorize and bible Word Search is a game suite that contains two games in one Test your knowledge of the bible in this exciting, and at times nail-biting trivia game. If you don't know the answer, you can guess
  • Holy Bible Concordance 2.2

    Holy bible concordance is a software application that makes it easy to search the bible scriptures and cross reference with other bibles. -Simple and Advance bible searches. -Talk to your bible. -Write and Save your own
  • The Holy Bible 3D PC 1.2

    The Holy bible in 3D for PC, is a program that contains the holy Scriptures of The bible King James Version, and offers the ability to view them in a new way by engaging and interactive and will serve to read the holy
  • Bible Topics 3.0

    bible Topics program with 78 topics (195,000 words) including History of The bible, Books of the bible, bible Themes, Life of Christ, People, Custom & Practices, Major Events, Objects, Archaeology, Languages. Uses
  • Bible Scenes Screensaver

    Enjoy a sense of peacefulness as you watch these bible Scenes rotate on your desktop. Each bible scene contains inspirational bible
  • The Bible 1.0

    The bible 1.0 is considered as a useful program that lets you read and print the King James bible, search for verses, and bookmark any verse or chapter. The bible is a copy of The King James bible. It allows you to read
  • BibleLink NASB Suite 3.2

    Turn your U3 USB Drive into a portable bible Library with New American Standard bible. Fast and easy. Try it and you will never leave home without it. Includes the Pop-Up Reading Plan feature - the easiEST way to Read
  • BibleReader for Palm OS 3.67 build 138a

    bibleReade for your Palm OS PDA is a free, full-featured bible reading and study application Now you can have all your bibles and bible study reference materials available to you wherever you go. Whether it's a single
  • Bible With You (NASBwS) 7.32

    Considered as the most literal translation of The bible in English language, the New American Standard Version combines accuracy of translation with clarity and Readability. bible With You (NASBwS) is an extremely handy
  • Bible Lesson Record Book 1.03

    THE bible LESSON RECORD BOOK - Sunday School teachers tool. This software program will generate a bible lesson record book that you can print. The printed pages that the program will produce will provide a quick
  • The Holy Bible: Catholic Douay-Rheims 2000.7

    The Douay-Rheims bible - Bishop Richard Challoner Revision (Imprimatur 1899) is a direct English translation of what is still the authoritative bible of the Catholic Church - the Latin Vulgate of St. Jerome (342-420).